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Muskoka Boudoir Photographer

From Insecure to Freakin' Sexy!

Growing up, Ms. T was the tall, overweight, freckled kid who was picked on almost daily. She loved her personality and who she was at the core but never felt like she matched on the outside what she looks like on the inside. She tried every single diet and anything and everything she could to […]

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Breaking Out of Photographer's Funk

Please note: These images are NSFW! It was February, when winter in Ontario can intensify the blues, so I did what any normal photographer would do, and headed out to Las Vegas… but not to gamble. To go on a photography adventure. That’s normal, right?! Normal is definitely not my mantra, and in fact, normal […]

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Our Live, In-Studio Shoot

One Outfit: One RoomStill an endless source of inspiration! Last week, we did a live shoot in our Parry Sound studio so you could watch how I interact with clients and coach them through all the poses. I tell them all they have to do is walk through the door and do what I say, […]

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Grey County Boudoir

Boost Your Confidence With Boudoir

Ms. J booked a boudoir session with us because she wanted to gain confidence and see a new side of herself…to see a side she’d never experienced before. As a busy working professional and mom of two, this was a perfect way to pamper and treat herself and feel amazing! We shot her session in […]

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Reinventing Herself

Ms. M was in a serious car accident in 2018 that left her in the trauma unit for a month. After multiple surgeries (and new scars to get used too) she went to a rehabilitation centre for another month to learn to walk again. That accident changed her life irrevocably. Since then she’s been on […]

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It's Normal to be Nervous!

Ms. S came to our Barrie Boudoir Model call from Toronto, and admitted she was feeling incredibly nervous. She’s not alone. We haven’t had a client yet that wasn’t! It’s totally normal to feel this way! The incredible thing is, is that within a few minutes in front of the camera, all that nervousness disappears […]

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Grey County Model Call!

We’re Bringing Boudoir to Grey County! Just 5 Spots Left! Are you tired of feeling self-conscious or ashamed about your body? Maybe you’re looking to reconnect with yourself, or love that woman you see each morning in the mirror looking back at you? What if I told you that you CAN love that woman you […]

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Empowering Women in Barrie & Area

We believe firmly that all women of all ages, shapes & sizes are beautiful! And we love to travel… so we put together an incredible Barrie Boudoir Photography weekend. We put a call out to capture women looking to see themselves in a new light, from all ages, shapes and sizes & lifestyles, and the […]

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Bringing Attitude to Boudoir

I love all my clients because they book their boudoir photography experiences for a variety of reasons and want to go for different looks . Ms. L is not only a gorgeous mom, but a total natural in front of the camera! This shoot was so much fun! I love when clients bring in such […]

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Couples Boudoir Parry Sound Photographer

Parry Sound Couples Boudoir

Couple’s boudoir sessions are an incredible way to add a little spice into your relationship and celebrate yourselves and love for one another. Ms. S had booked a session with us in 2018 and loved both the experience and her images. Not surprisingly, her man loved her album as well! As a surprise for her […]

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