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Breaking Out of Photographer's Funk

Please note: These images are NSFW! It was February, when winter in Ontario can intensify the blues, so I did what any normal photographer would do, and headed out to Las Vegas… but not to gamble. To go on a photography adventure. That’s normal, right?! Normal is definitely not my mantra, and in fact, normal […]

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Our Live, In-Studio Shoot

One Outfit: One RoomStill an endless source of inspiration! Last week, we did a live shoot in our Parry Sound studio so you could watch how I interact with clients and coach them through all the poses. I tell them all they have to do is walk through the door and do what I say, […]

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Grey County Boudoir

Boost Your Confidence With Boudoir

Ms. J booked a boudoir session with us because she wanted to gain confidence and see a new side of herself…to see a side she’d never experienced before. As a busy working professional and mom of two, this was a perfect way to pamper and treat herself and feel amazing! We shot her session in […]

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Reinventing Herself

Ms. M was in a serious car accident in 2018 that left her in the trauma unit for a month. After multiple surgeries (and new scars to get used too) she went to a rehabilitation centre for another month to learn to walk again. That accident changed her life irrevocably. Since then she’s been on […]

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It's Normal to be Nervous!

Ms. S came to our Barrie Boudoir Model call from Toronto, and admitted she was feeling incredibly nervous. She’s not alone. We haven’t had a client yet that wasn’t! It’s totally normal to feel this way! The incredible thing is, is that within a few minutes in front of the camera, all that nervousness disappears […]

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Grey County Model Call!

We’re Bringing Boudoir to Grey County! Just 5 Spots Left! Are you tired of feeling self-conscious or ashamed about your body? Maybe you’re looking to reconnect with yourself, or love that woman you see each morning in the mirror looking back at you? What if I told you that you CAN love that woman you […]

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Empowering Women in Barrie & Area

We believe firmly that all women of all ages, shapes & sizes are beautiful! And we love to travel… so we put together an incredible Barrie Boudoir Photography weekend. We put a call out to capture women looking to see themselves in a new light, from all ages, shapes and sizes & lifestyles, and the […]

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Bringing Attitude to Boudoir

I love all my clients because they book their boudoir photography experiences for a variety of reasons and want to go for different looks . Ms. L is not only a gorgeous mom, but a total natural in front of the camera! This shoot was so much fun! I love when clients bring in such […]

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Couples Boudoir Parry Sound Photographer

Parry Sound Couples Boudoir

Couple’s boudoir sessions are an incredible way to add a little spice into your relationship and celebrate yourselves and love for one another. Ms. S had booked a session with us in 2018 and loved both the experience and her images. Not surprisingly, her man loved her album as well! As a surprise for her […]

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