The single best gift I have given myself!

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The single best gift I have given myself!

It’s hard to imagine that stripping down to your birthday suit (or near to it) can be empowering when the thought of being naked for most people is terrifying! And yet, allowing yourself to be vulnerable to do just that, to show the parts of ourselves we’re told to hide and be ashamed of (like flipping the bird to all that societal bullsh$t) truly is liberating!

What She Has to Say!

I booked a boudoir session to document the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. Over the 2 years prior I had a mental health breakdown, a significant relationship end, put on a lot of weight and had lost my identity. I had lost the happy, outgoing and confident person from the inside and the outside was the mask. I gave Meg full rein; nothing was off the table because I wanted to to something out of my comfort zone – which is a change from me having control over everything normally. I was worried about whether the outfits we had picked would be good enough, and questions if I would look good which was my own self doubt creeping in.

Not one of those fears mattered when I got there. The girls were amazing, very easy to get along with, they were funny and they made the vulnerability go away. I got to do everything I wanted and more!

Meg and Jen made the whole process a safe place for me to do what I had dreamed of doing. I was outside of my comfort zone and loved every second of it. The poses were simple but packed a punch, and Meg and Jen were very patient and welcoming. There was no judgement, pressure or expectations except just being empowered.

After seeing the proofs it was a powerful realization that the woman I had lost was right there in front of my eyes. She just got a little lost.

I cannot find fault in anything that happened along this journey. Everything was easy to follow, the hints before the shoot were very useful and the clothing styles were a big help!

With Meg, I had said no boundaries with the poses or any of the sets because I wanted to get the whole experience without worrying about the consequences, it was about me and I trusted her judgement and professionalism. I wanted to throw caution to the wind and just go with it! This was the single best gift I could have given to myself.

My favourite photo I have as wall art, which is hanging proudly above my bed so that when I walk in I see the Warrior I am. I flick through the pictures in my amazing 10×10 album often and just look in awe that they are of me. My eyes pop out, my tattoos look amazing and the poses brought out everything I love about myself and cemented the confidence I have been working on. They are who I am and who I have to fight for. My smiles in there are genuine, so I know it was one of the best days of my life- I didn’t fake any of it. It was more than I had ever hoped for with an amazing team behind me xx Thanks Jen and Meg xxx

For any of your friends or colleagues considering a session but too afraid to book, what would you tell them?
Just do it! Do it for you, for a refresher & to boost your confidence!

Everyday to Slay!

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