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Boudoir Styling Guide

Tips & Tricks on What to Wear & How to Accessorize

Hello Gorgeous!

This handy boudoir style guide is your best friend in preparing for your empowering boudoir experience with us. No matter your boudoir style, this guide is for you!

We’ll walk you through some of the best options for all body types, plus ways to accessorize each outfit for fun and variety for your album or other finished products from your boudoir experience. What you decide to wear for your boudoir experience should reflect you and your own unique style, but also highlight your assets and give you more confidence for your session!

Your Pre-Session Free Lingerie Consultation

What you choose to wear is so important! So much so, we’ll book you in for a quick, 15 minute free lingerie video consult about 1 week before your session. This way you feel confident in what you’re arriving with and you wont’ be feeling anxious about it in the days before your session.

What to Wear the Day of Your Session Experience

Bras, tight pants and socks, etc. all leave red marks on your skin which can take hours to dissipate, so it’s best to skip them. Be brave and go commando (no bra, socks or panties). We want to avoid any unwanted red marks on your skin. Also, please wear loose fitting clothing the day of your shoot, like a loose dress, or track pants and loose shirt. For your feet, pick soft, comfy shoes that won’t leave marks on your feet or ankles (think UGGs, slippers or flip flops)

Please CUT OUT ALL TAGS carefully from your lingerie/bras/panties. We don’t want to cut into your session time making sure your lingerie is shoot ready.

Lingerie Starters

The single most important thing for you to keep in mind when choosing what to wear, is to stay true to yourself. We want this shoot to be a celebration of who you are, whatever that looks like for you! Are you super fancy or more casual? Lacey and feminine or edgier? There is no right or wrong! That said, we do have some tips that will help regardless of your style.

Colour Tones

Pick your lingerie in colours that look great with your skin. To get a general idea, look at the veins in the palm of your hand and your inner wrist. If they look blue or purple, your skin is cool. If they appear green, you’ve got warm skin. If you can’t tell, you’ve probably got neutral toned skin.

Warm skin tends to really pop with warmer toned clothes, and cool skin shines brightly with cooler shades.

Avoid: intense, bright or neon coloured clothing. These can create terrible colour casts on your skin (i.e. that neon orange bodysuit is going to make your skin glow bright orange too. Um, no thanks!) When in doubt, neutral colours (white, cream and black always look amazing!)

Tip: Consider the setting you’ll be having your photos done in and pick clothing that will compliment the tones too.

Body Suits

Bodysuits are our jam! Bodysuits photography beautifully on all body types, and they come in so many fabulous styles. While some gals are hesitant to try a bodysuit (fitted is scary, we get it!), we really encourage it because they are so flattering. Why are they so flattering? They skim your body, rather than adding bulk like some other options can (ahem, baby dolls). They also elongate the body because they don’t cut up your torso area. Bodysuits come in all kinds of styles. Look for details like trim or piping that creates the illusion of an hour glass figure. Think, do you want a long sleeve, capped sleeve, or sleeveless look? How is the booty cut? What is the neck like? High collar, or plunging neckline? With the right fit, it’s hard to go wrong with a body suit.


Not all panties were created equal. Some styles of undies are WAY better for boudoir than others. These three are our super faves.

The Thong:

If you’ve got a bangin’ bum and you want to showcase your booty, a thong is a great way to do that. More coverage always photographs better. No G-strings please.

High Waisted:

Not just for grannies, the high waisted panty is a big hit in our studio! High waisted panties are so flattering on all body types, but especially those of us who have some insecurities around showcasing the tum (let’s be crystal clear, we love all tums and celebrate them equally), but we also realize some folks aren’t ready to embrace theirs quite yet.

Cheeky Panties:

Another thumbs up goes to this style. Cheeky panties are made to embrace the bum cheeks and they do that fabulously!

Bras (+ Panty Sets)

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!?

A properly fitted bra makes a huge difference for your photos. Head to your local bra shop and have a specialist properly size you. We love recommending Lindsey of A Little Black Bow in Bracebridge. Your boobs will thank you!

f you can, grab a matching pair of panties. A great black bra always photographs well! A classic neutral colour is also lovely. Dark blues and reds are also great. Avoid bright, neon colours.

Don’t forget bralettes. These babies are comfy and move with your body during posing in ways formed bras don’t. They also add lots of delicate detail and texture!

Accessorize You Outfits

Over Pieces

Texture is where it’s AT in photography. Adding an interesting texture can take a lovely photo up to an AWESOME one! Add a little extra texture or coverage with something fun to throw over lingerie or your gorgeous nekkid self. Texture (lace, strappy bits, embroidery, velvet, etc.) really adds a special element to photographs.

Adding More Texture

Look For: Velvet, lots of straps, lace, mesh, fishnets, faux fur, satin, silk, sequins, other sparkly bits, embroidery, metallic fabrics, a cozy (but not old and pilly) sweater or cardigan, your partner’s button up shirt, a sexy lace or sheer robe, scarves etc.
Avoid: Scratchy fabrics and ones with an overwhelming design (YOU need to be the focus here). Avoid pieces that are too tight, or heavily worn or washed items that are faded or have pilling.


Add a little something special to your images with a fun accessory or two. These aren’t a must, but they can be a good way to have a little extra fun with your photo shoot. What to look for: body jewelry, jewelry, heels, hats, scarves or even a pair of stellar sunglasses

Don’t forget about stockings paired with a garter. If purchasing thigh high stockings, please purchase them on the larger side to avoid them digging in to your skin.

Avoid: anything too over the top or gaudy. Aim for simple rather than in your face and nothing too “proppy”. We don’t want your photos to look tacky.

Feeling Modest?

There is no rule in boudoir that says you have to bare it all- or even partially. If showing loads of skin isn’t your thang, that is 100% okay and you are absolutely allowed to show as much or as little skin as you want to. You do you boo! What to look for: Long sleeve bodysuits, fitted shirts, jeans, sweaters, rompers, cute pj sets, cut off shorts or even leggings.

Avoid: Using your wardrobe to hide behind, too tight or too loose pieces. Make sure they fit your properly.

What NOT to wear

Babydolls: We want to make sure we’re giving you the most beautiful, flattering images possible and truth is, wardrobe has a lot to do with that. Avoid babydolls! With babydolls, we’ve got nothing to show off your amazing curves. Plus, if we pose you on your knees, all the fabric will hang down loosely, completely losing your shape. By just putting on a bodysuit instead, your figure completely changes. Babydolls are a no go for boudoir sessions.


Some shoes photograph way better than others. Avoid wedge heels and the cut off boot look. These give the appearance of cutting you ankle off. Also, avoid straps across the ankle. Your classic stiletto type heel photographs the best. We have a number of shoes in the studio you are welcome to borrow.

When in Doubt, Get Naked

Sometimes, there’s no better attire than the suit you were born in. We can also do a lot with a sheet!

Final Tips

We’ll have your video lingerie consult about a week before your session. But bring one extra outfit that’s totally out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to wear it but you just might want to!