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Breaking Out of Photographer’s Funk

Please note: These images are NSFW!

It was February, when winter in Ontario can intensify the blues, so I did what any normal photographer would do, and headed out to Las Vegas… but not to gamble. To go on a photography adventure. That’s normal, right?!

Normal is definitely not my mantra, and in fact, normal for me is what photographer funk is all about. It’s not a good place for a creative person to be.

Have you heard of ‘photographer funk?’ Perhaps you haven’t, because I kind of made it up just now, LOL. As a photographer, I can sometimes fall into a creative funk, where I feel like all my shots look the same, and I struggle to find new and creative ways to capture my clients in the same space (my studio). And when I find myself in that place, photographer funk, I’ve found the best thing to do is shake shit up and go and shoot in a different place and in a different way.

But I digress… Back to February! I traveled out to Vegas with my fellow photographer friend Trevor, and we stopped in at Nelson Ghost Town, which is about a 45 minute drive from the Strip, downtown Las Vegas. What looks like a pile of old buildings and vehicles is a photographer’s dream come true! And it was exactly what I needed; a unique place unlike any other for some new and creative shooting options. Read on to see some more images from our time there, plus some behind the scenes images at the end of the post.

Shooting in the relentless desert sun is no joke, and it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. Despite the harsh sun, it was actually pretty chilly, and that’s saying something coming from a Canuk. Staying warm was a real challenge for Annalisa. She flew in from California, and as you may have noticed ;), she wasn’t wearing much…so it felt extra cold to her!

Some Behind The Scenes Shots for You

I hope you’ll enjoy a few cell phone snaps of some behind the scenes! You’ll see how we used strobes and to compensate for the harsh desert sun, plus some goofy pics because, well, I like to have fun and I’m known to be a git of a goof!