Why Do Brides Book Boudoir Photography?

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Why Do Brides Book Boudoir Photography?

While some women choose to do a boudoir shoot for a significant other, it typically ends up being a gift for themselves more so in the long run. Sessions do SO MUCH to lift you up and give you back a sense of self, and a refreshed feeling of confidence. And, your partner will absolutely LOVE your images,

It’s an incredible gift for both of you!

Bridal boudoir doesn’t have to be white lingerie with a veil! (Although we love that look and even have one on hand you can borrow in our client closet 😍). It’s about celebrating your authentic self and giving yourself the amazing gift of a boudoir experience and having some incredible images to give to your partner!

Brides often give their fiance a beautiful album of images the night before or the day of the wedding instead of a watch or other traditional items. We’ve heard from some clients their partners have cried because they know how much courage it took for them to book the session, and they feel a deep sense of pride and happiness in their partner booking a boudoir session!

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Now, the answers to some commonly asked questions! AND keep reading to learn about our show special!

How can I personalize my shoot for my wedding?

If you would like, you can bring your dress, veil and even a garter to your bridal boudoir session. Bring the heels you are going to wear for your big day. Do you have a classic white robe? Using the jewelry you plan to wear the day of your wedding is also another simple touch. You can also bring in any pieces of jewelry that are special to you! Maybe it was your Grandmother’s ring, or your Mother’s pearls. Of course your wedding or engagement rings are a perfect example as well! We love simple and personal touches like your partner’s tie or shirt as well.

Can I do a shoot for my anniversary if I’m already married?

A: Of course! Did you know that there are several traditional anniversary gifts you can give that relate back to boudoir? The traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper, 2nd anniversary is cotton, 3rd anniversary is leather, and so on. There are so many ways to tie a boudoir session into a special gift for your partner to commemorate your love on your special day.

What should I wear?

We LOVE white lingerie! Although a lot of women worry about looking pale or washed out, we actually think white looks great and can really accentuate your skin tone! It also looks amazing in both our bright and airy sets or in our dark and moody sets! In a 1-hr session, we usually shoot 2-3 different outfits, so you can mix it up so you have lots of variety! You can also upgrade to our 2nd hour of shoot time so you can have some additional time for some of our boutique sets (only available in our 2 hour sessions) and wear more outfits. Almost all our clients do!

When should I book my bridal boudoir session?

Don’t wait until right before your wedding to reach out to us. Our luxurious albums and other products can take 6-8 weeks in total production time from your shoot date until they are finished and delivered to your door. You can learn more about our products here:

Are you seeing this too late and are worried we may already be booked? There’s no harm in reaching out! While we are usually booked out 3-4 months in advance, we can sometimes squeeze in an extra session once in a while.

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