Bringing Attitude to Boudoir

Bringing Attitude to Boudoir

I love all my clients because they book their boudoir photography experiences for a variety of reasons and want to go for different looks . Ms. L is not only a gorgeous mom, but a total natural in front of the camera! This shoot was so much fun!

I love when clients bring in such an amazing wardrobe. I loved her tall black boots and the shots we got in front of the window. With the added leopard jacket, there’s such attitude in the images.

I also was so appreciative of how game she was to try something new! I had the idea to have her lean out the window while I leaned out the other. What a fun and sexy look!

💄 Hair & makeup by Modern Makeup

What she has to say!


“If you haven’t had a session with Meg you are definitely missing out on the experience of a lifetime! You can see how passionate she is about her work from the moment you meet her. I have no doubt that she successfully meets her goal of empowering women again and again. If you have any doubts…don’t. My advice, just do it. You won’t regret it!!”

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