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I’ve NEVER felt so comfortable in my skin!

Boudoir Photography

People choose to treat themselves to a boudoir session for all sorts of reasons! For Theresa, it was to celebrate her birthday! What a great way to celebrate! Below, she shares about her experience. Be sure to scroll to see the images from her session! “I wanted to celebrate me! I wanted to celebrate my […]

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I felt amazing, confident, sexy and POWERFUL!

Beautiful curvy woman in boudoir bathtub set

Ms. A booked her session to be able to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. She wanted to see herself in a different light and to be able to inspire other women to do the same! At first, she was worried that she wouldn’t know what to do, or that she’d feel silly […]

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This Session Reminds Us Just How Sexy we Are!

A couples boudoir session is an incredible experience that, beyond being super fun, is a great way to connect and experience your relationship in a new way. We just thought we’d put this out there for any couples that are considering a session, in honour of Valentine’s Day! Testimonial “My husband and I were so […]

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Body Positivity and Boudoir

A New Year and a New You?  It’s a new year and I’m going to guess many of you may have set New Year’s resolutions related to weight loss or fitness. Kudos to you for choosing a healthier lifestyle. Living a healthier lifestyle is a good thing. But, don’t forget: you’re ALREADY freakin’ awesome and […]

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The Pride I Feel Almost Brings Me To Tears

Boudoir photography - woman in bathtub

Heather booked a session because she wanted to feel more confident. She wanted to see the beauty that others had told her they saw in her and she wanted to break away from the stigma that good girls don’t show skin. Read a little more about her experience: What concerns or fears did you have […]

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