I felt like a VIP the whole time!

I felt like a VIP the whole time!

A boudoir photo shoot shows off your body in the best possible way with some emphasis on the parts you love best. From our initial phone consult to our video chat a week before, and even our client questionnaire, I always know the parts you love the most and want to highlight, and the parts you don’t love as much – yet! That way I can always pose you in the ways that will give you the most confidence and see yourself the way others see you!

What She Has to Say!


“I am a fit, strong, smart, capable, beautiful, alluring, woman, wife and mother. And I remind myself of this all the time, right? Ha, not quite. So, I signed up for a badass boudoir session to capture those positive feelings in photos. I was excited to have keepsakes that I could show off unapologetically to my close friends, and to my grandkids down the road! I want to remember to be proud of and celebrate myself.

One concern was that I would make really awkward faces! I always flash a big grin during photos, but making a coy face for the camera intimidated me. My other concern was that, being very small breasted, that I might not be able to do certain poses. The photos of Meg’s clients that I have seen are curvy, busty women, but I don’t fill an A cup. I have accepted myself for the way I am, but still wanted to look as flattering as possible!

I initially had the jitters, so I was happy to put myself in Meg’s hands and let her lead. Once hair and makeup was done and I was in my first set of lingerie, I was ready to go! The time flew by between sets and outfit changes, and really, I wish it could have kept on going!

Meg has a gift for boosting your ego too; you really feel like a VIP the whole time!

Meg had techniques for coaching me to look sexy and relaxed that were easy to follow and provided great results. The girls (as Meg calls them!) look lovely in the lingerie that I chose, and Meg had me in poses that accentuate all of me – it didn’t even cross my mind during the shoot!

Meg wants her clients to feel prepared, and at their best, and she clearly has put in the work to set it all up. There are helpful emails, videos, and chat sessions to help you know what is going to happen, and how to get yourself ready.

I didn’t believe all the testimonials saying how much fun it was, but I should have. It was a blast!

I was so glad to have my husband meet us at the studio after the shoot do the photo selection. I can get overwhelmed by choice and there were over 225 AMAZING photos to go through and select for the album. We were thrilled with so many of them that my husband insisted on getting an album with more pages and metal wall art for our bedroom! The images are lovely, sensual, and I felt so proud of them that I told Meg to show them off. I’m gorgeous! On all the days that I don’t remember this, I have the fantastic keepsakes as proof.”

For any of your friends or colleagues considering a session but too afraid to book, what would you tell them?
Invest in yourself now. This experience and the photos you will choose to commemorate it are worth it to remind yourself of today’s youth, strength, beauty, and the real struggles we have gone through to get ourselves to where we are.

💄 Hair and Makeup by Modern Makeup.

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