I’ve NEVER felt so comfortable in my skin!

Boudoir Photography

I’ve NEVER felt so comfortable in my skin!

People choose to treat themselves to a boudoir session for all sorts of reasons! For Theresa, it was to celebrate her birthday! What a great way to celebrate! Below, she shares about her experience. Be sure to scroll to see the images from her session!

What she has to say!


“I wanted to celebrate me! I wanted to celebrate my beautiful body and just feel sexy as hell for that day! I wanted to do something for myself to show myself how beautiful I am!

I was literally shaking when I showed up, between being almost naked in front of someone because I have a hard time just wearing a swim suit out in public! It was the whole worry about “My belly is too big, my face is going to look super weird because I take really awkward photos already, What do I do with my hands etc.”

But right from the beginning, I felt so special from hair and make up to Meg making me feel like I was a natural model/beauty. I felt super sexy and LOVED every part of the session! Honestly, I felt so empowered and I’ve never EVER felt so comfortable in my skin. I can honestly say to myself I LOVE the way my body is now and I can see what my husband now sees in me.

The experience from beginning to end was so smooth and easy! You feel like you are not just a number and Meg really wants you to feel like a goddess all the way through from the questions she asks about what type of shoot you want to helping you with what to wear during the pre-session style consult to choose your lingerie. The session was extremely fun and super easy as Meg explains how to pose you even down to where you place your fingers. I have to say the hardest part of the entire thing was picking my images because they were all so amazing and loved every single one!

I decided to go with one of the packages with a 10×01 album with matching album box, the USB of high resolution images, as well as a metal wall art to remind myself everyday how beautiful I am! They are absolutely stunning and love going through the photo book album!

For those of you on the fence, JUST DO IT! To see yourself in a different way instead of a mirror or selfies is honestly an experience I am so thankful for! I will cherish this forever! It’s not just the pictures, but it’s how I started to finally love myself and my own skin. Your future self with absolutely thank you for it!”

💄 Hair and Makeup by Modern Makeup

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