Nature Boudoir in the Great Outdoors | Georgian Bay Boudoir
Georgian Bay Boudoir

Nature Boudoir in the Great Outdoors

I grew up in a small town in rural Ontario (anyone know where Lakefield is?!) and spent my childhood exploring the forests and fields near my home without a care in the world. Over the course of my life, nature has always been a place where I feel free and happy, and a source of peace and contentment.

Boudoir is a love of mine I’ve developed in my 40’s, and I’ve always wanted to combine the beauty of nature with boudoir more than I’ve been able to do with such a busy studio. So back in September, I took a few days off to shoot boudoir purely for the joy it brings and bring some of my nature boudoir vision to reality.

I had the pleasure of working again with my friend Trevor and two models who agreed to brave the chilly weather for us. A huge thank you to Serena Hodgins and Parry Sound’s Theresa Vincent for working with us!

Hair and Makeup by Modern Makeup