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Your Top Questions Answered!

Considering a boudoir session can often feel nerve-wracking and intimidating. You might be questioning if you can look as good as the women you see on the site? Are you sexy enough? You’re so nervous, can even do this? The answer is unequivocally YES YOU CAN! Stepping out of your comfort zone to book a boudoir session takes a lot of courage, but his is where the real magic happens!

We’ve put together 12 of the most frequently asked questions and answers to provide some more insight on the experience, image use, our finished products, hair and makeup and more!

One: I’m Freaking Out! How Can I Calm My Nerves?

The first step is to read through these questions and answers! There’s lots of great information here that we’ve put together specifically for you. All you have to do is believe in yourself, make that step and then we’ll help you take care of the rest. The day of your shoot, from the moment you sit in the chair for hair and makeup, champagne in hand, those feelings of nervousness and anxiety quickly fall away. After hair and makeup has finished making you look your absolute best, the next stage of fun begins; your shoot with Meg! She’ll give you tons of direction and encouragement and you’ll share lots of laughs!

Two: Is Hair And Makeup Included?

Hair and make up is included in all of our boudoir shoots because it’s an important part of the process. Whether you’re going for a more light and natural look or a full on glamorous look, our team can get you there. You can read more about hair and makeup on Modern Makeup’s Blog: Prepping Your Skin and Hair

Three: Will You Post The Images From My Session?

We NEVER post images where clients can be identified without our clients’ full written consent. Our greatest priority is ensuring our clients are comfortable knowing how their images could be used. We’ll go over all of that in person during your image reveal after your session so you can decide when you’ve seen your images. You’ll be asked to sign a contract for your records and ours, outlining any permissions and/or restrictions of image use. You will have the option to grant or decline image use on a few different levels.

If you give the Studio permission, we may use the images for advertising purposes, which may include promotional and marketing material, displays, entry into photographic contests or art exhibitions, samples, publications, and multimedia platforms for the purpose of promoting the Studio.

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Four: What Do I Wear For My Boudoir Experience?

Many clients choose to wear lingerie, but you don’t have to wear lingerie specifically. It all depends on your personality! There are so many options beyond standard boudoir lingerie. You might choose to wear your partner’s dress shirt, robe, get draped in a sheet, or nothing at all. It’s entirely up to you. We’ll also help you choose the best outfits during your free lingerie consult prior to your session. With a quick video chat, we’ll determine the right wardrobe for you, with you. It can feel stressful determining what to bring, so let us help you with that!

We have a few items such as some shoes and a few robes, jewelry and other accessories. We don’t provide lingerie because bodies come in so many different shapes & sizes and people’s tastes in lingerie vary widely. 

Five: How Many Outfits Do I Bring?

In a standard 1 hour session, you’ll have the chance to wear 2-3 outfits. If you book the additional hour, we’ll have time for additional outfits and sets. As mentioned above, we’ll help you plan out those outfits ahead of time at your wardrobe consult call a few days prior to your session.

Six: Where Should I Buy My Outfits?

There are many places to purchase lingerie and other outfits, and it really depends on the style you’re looking for. Our favourite independent local lingerie store is Little Black Bow in Bracebridge where you’ll get the best fitting around. Some of the more common places would be Victoria’s Secret, LaSenza & La Vie En Rose. But there are also a number of other great independent lingerie retailers in Toronto depending on where you’re traveling from. Buying lingerie online is tricky b/c the sizing can vary drastically and returns are very difficult.

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Seven: Do You Retouch My Images?

We embrace the beauty of the human form, and therefore, our editing includes light retouching (colour, contrast, exposure). I edit all images for light, exposure and colour balance and to give them my signature. Our general rule is we remove anything that would be gone in 2 weeks such as blemishes, bruises and scratches. However, we don’t edit out anything permanent such as stretch marks, cellulite or scars without your explicit request because boudoir sessions are about accepting, loving and celebrating who you and it can be damaging to edit out parts of yourself. If there are parts of your body that you are learning to love but aren’t thrilled about, that is okay! We are skilled in posing and lighting to make you look your absolute best.

Eight: What Type of Finished Products Do You Have?

We offer a variety of luxury finished products from which you can choose. The style really depends on you and your tastes & how many images you love! Clients love our luxurious albums, hand-made here in Canada. Our Glamour Boxes are also incredibly popular with their individual matted prints in their housing box. Finally the best way to show off your boudoir experience is with wall art. When you see the image on the wall, you’ll be reminded of how beautiful you are and how great you felt during your session.

Nine: Do You Offer Just Digital Files?

As a fine art photographer, our specialty is providing our clients with beautifully finished products that have a permanence that digitals just don’t have. Digital files are included in some of our signature collections, or they can be purchased as an add-on to your other products or added to a collection in the form of low or high resolution files, or in one of our custom photo apps for your mobile devices.

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Ten: Do You Have Payment Plans?

To book your boudoir session, the creative fee needs to be paid in full in order to confirm your date & time. In terms of purchasing your finished products, we offer a few different payment options. You can pay in full on the day of your session after we review your images so we can start the editing of your images and ordering of your finished products.  You can also pay 25% at your image reveal and ordering session, and the remaining in 3 equal payments, once per month.

Eleven: Where Is Your Studio Located?

Georgian Bay Boudoir is located in Parry Sound, Ontario. However, we often travel across Ontario and Quebec and the United States to shoot on location. Be sure to join our newsletter to learn about when we might be shooting in an exotic location; you can come and have a shoot with us there!

Twelve: How Do I Book My Boudoir Experience?

Head over to the ‘CONNECT’ page to get in touch and to book your dream boudoir session. You’ll receive a welcome email and from there you can schedule a time to book a free consultation. The free consultation is a great way for us to get to know one another, for us to learn your reasons for booking a boudoir session, answer any questions you have and discuss and share some of our products with you.

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