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Parry Sound Boudoir Photographer: Ms. Sara

Everyone has different reasons for choosing to have a boudoir session. Some people choose to have a session to celebrate a fitness or weight loss goal. Others select to have a session as a gift to a partner. More often than not, women come to me to celebrate themselves as they are. Most of us can easily find faults with our bodies ~ a few extra pounds, stretch marks, saggy skin.

It’s not about loving your body once you get to your ideal, it’s about loving it throughout the journey.

As one client aptly said, “Don’t wait until you’ve lost that 5lbs, or the baby weight comes off…Meg’s photos will show you how beautiful you are now!!”

You’ll leave with much more than just pictures from this experience, and I can’t wait for you to experience what so many have already discovered in our new Parry Sound photography studio.

Hair and makeup: A la Mode Salon, Parry Sound