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Payment Plans

You are worth it!

About an hour after your boudoir experience, you’ll have the chance to pick your favourites during your image reveal and ordering session. Our clients end up falling in love with their images, and more importantly themselves! We understand this is an investment, and we want you to be able to enjoy all your favourite images in quality, hand-made luxury products. Enter our payment plan options!

Boudie Bank ~ Pre-payment plan

The Boudie Bank is a way for you to make pre-payments towards your finished products. It’s like your very own boudoir savings account! If you’re saving up for a your dream album or other products, this is a great way to ensure it goes towards your treat to yourself and not groceries or gas!


~ Because you’ve pre-paid for your finished products, your order will go into production immediately! This is especially important if you’d like your album or other finished product for a special gift for the holidays or other special date

~ You can always upgrade your order after seeing your images during your reveal

~ SAVE! If you pre-pay in full towards one of our signature collections, you’ll receive up to $100 in product credit for any upgrades and additions you purchase the day of your reveal

~SAVE AGAIN! If you pre-pay for a signature collection in full by cash/e-transfer, you can also receive up to $100 in product credit for any upgrades and additions you purchase the day of your reveal

Additional Details

~ The minimum payment amount per installment is $200. There is no limit to the number of pre-payments you make to your Boudie Bank

~ There are no late payment fees or interest charges

~ If you need access to your money before your session, there is a $25 admin fee (per transaction to return some or all of it)

~ Additional bank charges may apply

Post Payment Plan

If you were unable to take advantage of The Boudie Bank, this is the next best thing! With our flexible payment plans, you don’t have to walk away from any of your favourite images or your favourite finished products.


~ We’ll work with you to set up the best dates and amounts to fit with your pay schedule and budget (some conditions apply).

~ There are no fees or charges associated with paying down the balance before the due dates, and you can pay online with a credit card or by sending an e-transfer.

Additional Details

~ To qualify, your order must exceed $500

~ You’ll need to pay a minimum down payment of $250 regardless of the total value of your order

~ Your payment plan must be completed within 6 months

~ You’re responsible for recording your payment dates and paying on time. For each late payment, there is a $25 admin fee

~ All payment plan payments are non-refundable

~ Orders not paid in full by the final payment date will be archived. To retrieve your order from archive, there is a $100 re-activation fee and the final balance, plus all later charges are due

~ Your order will be put into production upon receipt of full payment 

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