Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography

Can you imagine a life where you wake up each morning feeling energized and full of life? If you’re like me, that sounds like a dream, right?! But, it’s not as far fetched as you might think it is… Holistic health can help you tap in to your full health potential! We had a GREAT personal branding session with a holistic health professional. We worked to create variety of personal branding photography images she can use across multiple platforms, focusing on healthy eating, meditation, the outdoors and physical exercise. Check out her amazing photos below!

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So, what is holistic health…? Well, it’s about taking a comprehensive look at your overall wellness. So, not just your physical health but also your emotional and mental well-being as well. Holistic practitioners focus on treating the whole person versus isolated symptoms or ailments.

And that’s where our fabulous client (and health practitioner!) comes in. Meet Christina Worth, a passionate advocator for all things health and wellness. Her mission? To help her clients achieve their health and lifestyle goals through a holistic approach to nutrition and mind-body medicine.

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Christina has a big dream she’s working towards and I’m excited to have been part of the process in capturing these photos for her! She’s currently finishing her Holistic Nutrition certification, and looks forward to creating a special spot in Burk’s Falls where people can eat nourishing food, stock up on vitamins and supplements and connect with other like minded folx through workshops and events.

One of her most important messages is that it’s important to give yourself the life you deserve. By prioritizing self-care and nourishing our minds, bodies and souls, we can unlock our full potential and live our healthiest, happiest lives!

What she has to say!


My recent Branding Photos experience for my new holistic nutrition business, Christina Worth Wellness, was amazing.

Meg helped with brainstorming ideas that would capture the true essence of my business and also of me! She went above and beyond to turn my ideas into reality with fantastic images and I’m so happy with them! She is very professional while being down to earth and fun!

Kudos to Jen – Modern Makeup Canada – for creating the look I had asked for. She is truly an artist!

💄 Hair and Makeup by Modern Makeup.

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