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Top Five Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

When’s the last time you did something purely for you, on your agenda, exactly as you wanted? My guess is that it’s been a really long time, and that more often than not, you likely put the needs and wants of family ~ and even friends ~ before yourself.

It’s easy to make up excuses about why you don’t deserve it, or come up with reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t. So, I’m going to tell you the top 5 reasons why you should and blow up those excuses you might be making for yourself!

Be sure to read all the way to the end, because we saved our favourite for last!

One: It’s a Tremendously Huge (and Awesome) Step Towards Accepting Yourself and Your Body

Most people think ‘sexy photos’ when they hear the word boudoir. But it’s so much more than that. It’s about self-acceptance, body-positivity and loving and celebrating yourself. It’s also one of the most fun and empowering things a woman can do for herself; celebrating who she is.

We are all glorious, radiant and remarkable. But sometimes it takes somebody else to show us how beautiful we truly are. Everyone deserves to see themselves in this way, and for us, it’s the greatest gift to be able to do so for our clients.

“It’s not about loving your body once you get to your ideal, it’s about loving it throughout the journey”

~ Sarah

Two: It Pushes you out of Your Comfort Zone

What kinds of things scare you? Now let me ask you, what would your life look like if you didn’t let those fears prevent you from doing what you wanted to do?

I haven’t met a client yet who hasn’t been nervous when coming in for their boudoir session. But they do it, and so can you. And the best part, is they skip out of their session feeling empowered, revived and with a whole new level of confidence they never thought possible.

“Nervous was my feeling going into my boudoir shoot with Meg, and I left feeling like a goddess!! That day I fell in love with myself again.”

~ Nicole

Three: It’s Really Fun and You’ll Laugh a Lot!

First, I get super stoked in sessions and have been known to do a happy dance when clients really nail a pose. Or, when I nail the pose while demonstrating it! I’m a super duper lighting nerd, and I get so excited showing clients how fantastic they look.

Laughter makes everything easier and gives you the BEST smiles!

Four: You Get to See Yourself from Another Perspective

It doesn’t matter how much you crane your neck to check out your butt… you’re not going to be able to see you booty and other parts of your body the way the camera does in a boudoir session. Client’s often say, ‘Is that really me?!’ when I show them their images on the back of the camera. A boudoir session show’s you just how incredible and beautiful you are; you’ll see yourself how others see you rather than through your own (sometimes pretty critical) eyes.

“Our spouses tell us we look beautiful and our friends tell us we look great, but do we truly feel beautiful? Opening up and doing a boudoir session really opened my eyes and made me realize I am still the beautiful woman my husband fell in love with.”

~ Christine

Five: You’ll Give Yourself the Gift of Confidence

I’m going to guess there are things you don’t do because you feel you can’t.

Seeing yourself in a new light and from a new perspective is a way to give yourself a massive boost of self-esteem and confidence. And the best part, is that the effect is long-lasting. You can continue to feel that boost long after your session, by reviewing the images in your album  or on the wall art you purchase. You can do incredible things when you believe in yourself and have the confidence to try.

“My husband has pointed out so much that I would have passed over. He has told me almost daily since the session, this is how he sees me. Strong, confident, embracing life. He sees the beauty in my everyday. And now I see it, too.”

~ Sarah

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