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Your Boudoir Planning Guide

Well, hello gorgeous!

I’m Meg your photographer, and I believe in living life boldly, wildly & fully. It could be the Taurus in me; I like to tackle things full on, fearlessly and unapologetically! I’m determined & passionate, and I love meeting new people.  Oh, and I’m kind of obsessed with showing women a completely new side of themselves through fun and empowering boudoir experiences! I believe a boudoir experience is one of the most empowering & life affirming things a woman can do for herself and I’m really glad you’re here.

What’s Your Why?

So, what is it that brought you here? Hopefully it’s because you’re considering a boudoir experience for yourself or with your partner. Or maybe you’re looking for some inspiration and even a little courage to make your move! Well, you’ve come to the right place! No matter your reasons or readiness, this guide is here to walk you through what to expect every step of the way. And if you need more information, be sure to check out the full website.

Some Handy Resources To Help You Get Started

Your Top Questions Answered

Busting Boudoir Excuses

How To Prep For Your Boudoir Experience

Before Your Boudoir Experience

Your Free, No Obligation Consultation

Making the step to book your boudoir experience is a big one, and for many it’s a pretty far out of their comfort zone! That’s why we talk to all prospective clients before booking. We’d love to hear your reasons for booking a boudoir experience & then share about everything’s that’s included in the boudoir experience. You can come visit us in person at our Parry Sound studio, or we can arrange to connect via video chat so we can give you a studio tour and so you get a feel for the amazing products we have for you.


When you’re ready, we’ll set up a date and time, and get you booked in with our hair and makeup artist with the session experience of your choice. To complete your booking, you’ll be asked to sign our client agreement, plus pay for the session experience in full. Once both have been completed, your date is reserved and it’s time to start prepping!

Session Experience

The session experience fee includes tons of amazing resources such as:

~ Free consultations
~ Access to our studio’s unique sets, props & shoes
~ Our Badass Boudoir Style Guide
~ Free lingerie consult
~ Professional hair & makeup
~ Tons of posing tips and encouragement
~ Same day image reveal & ordering session
~ Professional retouching on every image you purchase for your finished products
~ We have 3 session options from which you can choose, beginning at $299
** The session experience does not include finished products. These are sold separately during your image reveal and ordering session

Badass Boudoir Styling Guide

Awesome! Once you’in the calendar, you’ll receive an email with ALL of our tips on how to prep for your boudoir session! You’ll receive full details on:
~What to do with unwanted hair
~To tan or not to tan?
~How to prep your hair, skin & nails
~Our Badass Boudoir Style Guide
~How to accessorize
~ Best shoes for your session
~What to avoid in the days prior to your session
~What to wear the day of your session
~ And MORE!

Your Free Lingerie Consultation

About a week before your boudoir experience, we’ll arrange your free lingerie consult with you. This way, you don’t have to worry about what your’e going to bring so you can get your beauty sleep before your session! Having gone through our Badass Boudoir Style Guide, just lay out what you’re thinking to bring, and we’ll help you select the best ones for your session via video chat! Easy peasy!

The Day of Your Boudoir Experience

Hair and Makeup

We’ll greet you with a glass of champagne or mimosa, play your favourite playlist, and get you settled in with our hair and makeup artist.

Hair and makeup is ALWAYS included in our sessions because it’s an integral part of the experience. It’s about sitting down, taking time for yourself, and allowing yourself to be pampered. They’ll work with you on the kind of look you’re going for. Whether you like a lighter, more natural look, Hollywood red carpet glam, or as one of our clients said, “I want to look like a sexy ho!” our team’s got you covered! 

Some Before & Afters

Photo Session

The next step is your time with me for the photo part of the experience. I tell my clients, “the only thing you have to do is walk through the door, and do what I say!”

Honestly, though, I usually start by demonstrating the pose myself, and then I’ll refine it by telling you which hand to put where, how to point your toes, where to look, and even what to do with your mouth! You’ll be rocking the poses in no time flat because I coach you through every single step so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Same Day Image Reveal & Ordering Session

About 45-60 minutes right after your boudoir experience, you get to see your photos!

Seeing the outcome of such an incredible experience where you’ve felt proud & beautiful, confident & empowered is important. We don’t want you waiting weeks to see them!

Also, many of our clients come from pretty far away, so it’s super challenging and inconvenient for them to drive home and then all the way back again a few weeks later.

We’ll show you a quick slideshow of the highlights from your experience, and then go through all of your images one by one. We’ll go through them as many times as you like until you have your favourites picked.

This can take a while, and that’s okay. We LOVE it when you love so many of your images! We’ll then walk you through all of our sample products and help you determine the best way for you to enjoy them.

Our Clients’ Fav Finished Products

Hand Crafted Albums

Our albums are top sellers. That’s because each one is designed specifically for you based on the images you select, and hand-made right here in Canada. They feature thick, lay-flat pages for style and durability.
~ starting at $999

Boudoir Boxes

Relive your boudoir experience with a boudoir box filled with fine art, matted prints. Enjoy them on an easel or shelf, or keep them tucked away in a their bespoke wooden box made of Canadian Ash.
~ starting at $699

Wall Art

Enjoy a boost of confidence each time you view your awesome self as fine art on your wall. And if you’re a parent, help teach your children to embrace, love & accept their bodies by role modeling with your favourite print on the wall. Feel a bit shy? Don’t want your father in law to see your bodacious bod? Metal prints are perfect for your private bathroom because you don’t have to worry about moisture 😍
~ starting at $349

Payment Plans

We have two great payment plan options. The first is called our ‘Boudie Bank’ and it’s a way for you to make pre-payments towards your finished products before your session. It’s like your very own boudoir savings account!

We also have a standard payment plan where you can pay for your finished products on set dates, up to 6 months after your session.

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