Boudoir for Every Age

Boudoir for Every Age

Hey there lovely souls,

This remarkable boudoir client decided she didn’t want to be defined by her age, so she booked a boudoir photography session with us as part of her journey. What an honor to be part of how she redefined her perspective on beauty (and herself!).

Like all our clients (I’m not kidding; every single one has self-doubt and feels nervous about doing a session), she wrestled with doubts and concerns that many of us share. Would the camera amplify her imperfections? Could she get the poses right?

I always tell my clients, “All you have to do is do what I say!” and she did just that, and her photos are amazing! The proof is in the pudding, so be sure to check out her gallery below!


Beauty is Timeless

Having lived for six decades (hard to believe when you look at her photos that she’s in her 60’s!) and weathered numerous challenges, she had often put others’ needs ahead of her own, neglecting her own needs and self-appreciation. She wanted to reconnect with her youthful spirit and embrace her body fully. She also really wanted her daughters to understand the significance of self-love, aiming to lead by example as a mother. She knew she wanted to show her photos to her boyfriend, but the though made her nervous. So, during her session, her focus was on cultivating enough self-love to comfortably share photos with him and conveying the message that he found her beautiful—a gesture that served as a gift both to him and herself.

“I felt I was ready to prove to myself and others that beauty is timeless. Now at sixty years old I have the confidence I was lacking in my youth. I wanted to capture the moment & freeze time to look back on. I also wanted to share this with my boyfriend to express my love and share myself with him in ways I’ve never done before with anyone else”.

Be Inspired to Love Yourself

Just thinking about about a boudoir session (never mind booking it!) can often be a blend of excitement and apprehension. And no doubt; it’s a journey marked by moments of vulnerability and unexpected empowerment. But as someone super wise once said (please don’t ask me who…), ‘Everything you want is on the other side of fear.’ It’s a great motto to live by and one that helps me personally when I feel stuck.

“I was both excited and nervous in the beginning. As the session went on Meg had me opening up and relaxing. It became fun and easy. The time went far too quickly as it made me feel amazing. I didn’t want it to end. When the shoot was over I felt so good about myself and couldn’t wait to see the photos. When I sat down with Meg to view the pictures she was so helpful and patient as I picked out my favourites and chose the  album I wanted to buy. I cant wait to come back again and hope my daughters and friends will be inspired to love themselves enough to do the same. 

Everything You Want is on The Other Side of Fear

Sometimes I think I should make our boudoir studio motto ‘Just Do It’ but I don’t want Nike to get mad at me! That said, it’s what almost every client recommends to others after having done a boudoir shoot for themselves. And it’s some darn good advise!

“Please, please put this on your to do list !!  Lose that fear and come out stronger. Show yourself the beauty everyone else can see in you. Let Meg use her talent and create a work of art”

Cheers to embracing yourself and rocking boudoir at any age! For more like this, visit: I Felt Elated!!

Xox Meg

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  • 60 year old woman's before hair and makeup and after
  • Beautiful 60 year old woman poses on back for boudoir photo session
  • Boudoir is for any age! 60 year old woman poses in lavender lingerie for boudoir photography
  • Boudoir is for any age! 60 year old woman poses in lavender lingerie for boudoir photography
  • Overhead view of mature woman posing for boudoir photos
  • woman in lack lingerie holding her chest
  • Sexy photo of woman holding her tushy for boudoir photo shoot
  • 60 year old beautiful woman poses for boudoir photography session
  • Overhead view of woman on leather chaise posing for boudoir
  • Woman in teal lingerie posing by mirror
  • Woman in teal lingerie posing by mirror
  • Woman posing for boudoir photography in vintage 3 paned vanity
  • Woman in teal lingerie posing ih pink clamshell chair for boudoir photos
  • Boudoir client at 60 looks like Claudia Schiffer!
  • Boudoir client at 60 looks like Claudia Schiffer!
  • Boudoir is for any age! Don't let your age define you. You're beautiful at every age!

Love Yourself at Any Age

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