Live Photo Shoot with A Boudoir Photographer

Curvy woman in red 1 piece lingerie poses for her boudoir photography session with boudoir photographer Meg Wallace from Georgian Bay Boudoir

Live Photo Shoot with A Boudoir Photographer

Confidence, and a Dash of Sparkling Wine

In case you missed it, I did a thing! 

As a boudoir photographer, it’s not just about taking photos. It’s so much more than that! Having you in the know about what I do is high on my priority list, so I decided to take my boudoir photography shindig to Facebook, and show you LIVE, what it’s like to shoot with me from behind the scenes. And it was a blast!

I really wanted to demystify the boudoir experience and share the beauty and confidence that comes from choosing to do a boudoir session for yourself.

So, let me spill the tea on how we had a blast while capturing some incredible photos of one of our past clients, Ginny, who volunteered to be my ‘model’ for the day. Thank you, Ginny!

Scroll to the end to view her incredible images.

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A Journey Back and Forward: A Comparison of Self-Love

We have lots of clients who come back for 2, 3rd, and even 4th boudoir sessions! So if you thought that first shoot was the pinnacle of self-love, think again. According to Ginny, this live session may just have become her all-time favorite. “I honestly can’t believe how freeing this experience was!

I didn’t think I could love photos of myself more than I loved my first ones… and I loved those ones A LOT!!!” she shared.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Let’s talk outfits for a minute! Ginny brought two amazing body suits, and I provided the luxe blue robe (isn’t it amazing!). Do we have a client closet? Why yes, we do – so glad you asked! I’ll share more about what we have that you can borrow/use for your session in another post, but this robe is one of them. Gorg, right?!

Live Jitters: Nerves Turned into Empowerment

Boudoir photography is more than just capturing stunning images; it’s about celebrating individuality, embracing vulnerability, and cultivating self-love. By going live, I wanted to showcase the authenticity of the boudoir experience (cause I like to keep it real!), and that beauty comes in many forms and is not bound by societal standards.

It’s nerve wracking enough coming to do a boudoir shoot, never mind LIVE while hundreds of people tune in to watch, so a huge shout out to Ginny (give her a little woot woot!)

Was she a little nervous walking in? “Yes, not because I was at the studio about to put on some beautiful lingerie to shoot some stunning photos with Meg but because it was live.” Thank you, Ginny, for being such a brave and courageous soul. You truly helped so many women feel more confident in being able to envision themselves doing a boudoir session.

Dynamic Duo: Meg (boudoir photographer) and Jen (hair and makeup artist)

“Meg makes the whole experience comfortable and inviting! And Jen (from Modern Makeup) is literally one of your hype girls on the day!” Jen always does such a fabulous job on hair and makeup! I never want to take the makeup off! They are both such amazing people making you look and feel like the absolute Goddess that you are!”

Instant Gratification: The Joy of Same-Day Photos

One standout feature of a boudoir experience with us is seeing your photos on the same day. “The one thing I absolutely love when it comes to your photoshoot with Meg as your boudoir photographer is seeing your photos the same day!”

I do that so you don’t have to leave and feel worried about whether you look like a hottie or not! And, I want you to see that those feelings of confidence, empowerment, self-love and beauty translated through into your photos. To not see them right away is a rare form of torture!

“Getting to choose the ones I loved made me feel confident and sexy! I get to go home knowing that I looked like a million bucks!”

Boudoir Beyond Perfect: Choosing Confidence and Self-Love

There are so many misconceptions about boudoir photography, and even boudoir photographers. Many people think that you need to be a certain body shape or size, or look a certain way. NOT TRUE!

As Ginny so aptly says, “Boudoir is not about photographing the picture-perfect body; it’s about loving the body you are in now, and you should love how you see yourself!” For more myth busters, check out this post: Mythbusters: Why you Deserve Boudoir

Just Do It: A Message to the Fence Sitters

You might feel like you don’t have enough confidence to book a boudoir session, or that you could never look like everyone else you see on our website or social media. But did you know they felt exactly the same as you?! And they did it (so you can, too!)

Boudoir has an incredible way of giving confidence, so if you need some, just come! For those sitting on the fence about booking boudoir experience, Ginny has a powerful message: “If anyone of you are on the edge, just do it! The scariest part of the whole experience is just booking it! Everything after is so much fun! And once you sit in Jen’s chair, meet Meg and get the sparkling wine all your nerves will go away! Trust me, you will thank yourself later!!”

Forever Grateful: A Reminder of Self-Worth

Boudoir isn’t just about the day of your session (although your shoot day is pretty awesome!) It’s a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. And if you need a boost, you can always go back to your images to remind yourself how awesome you are.

“I’m still on a high from seeing these photos! I’ve showed pretty much everyone I know! I’m going to forever look back at these on days I feel my lowest to remind myself just how stunning I am! How sexy I am! And just how badass I am! Meg, you’re an amazing boudoir photographer! Thank you!”

And there you have it – a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and a splash of sparkling wine. Until next time, embrace your awesomeness, celebrate your confidence, and, like Ginny, remind yourself just how stunning, sexy, and badass you truly are!

Cheers to self-love and empowerment! For more like this, visit: A Boudoir Healing Journey


πŸ’„ Hair and Makeup by Modern Makeup.

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